Notes for Cloning Autonomous Database

Provides information about the cloning operation and the resulting cloned database.

  • If you define a network Access Control List (ACL) on the source database, the currently set network ACL is cloned to the new database. If a database is cloned from a backup, the current source database's ACL is applied (not the ACL that was valid of the time of the backup).

  • If you create a clone and the source database has an access control list (ACL) and you specify the private endpoint network access option, Virtual cloud network for the target database, the ACL is not cloned to the new database. In this case, you must define security rules within your Network Security Group (or groups) to control traffic to and from your target database (instead of using the access control rules that were specified in the ACL on the clone source). See Configure Private Endpoints When You Provision or Clone an Instance for more information.

  • For a Metadata Clone, the APEX Apps and the OML Projects and Notebooks are copied to the clone. For a Metadata Clone, the underlying database data of the APEX App or OML Notebook is not cloned.

  • You can only clone an Autonomous Data Warehouse instance to the same tenancy and the same region as the source database.

  • The Autonomous Database Details page for an Autonomous Data Warehouse instance that was created by cloning includes the Cloned From field. This displays the name of the database where the clone was created.

Resource Management Rules and Performance Data for a Cloned Database

The following applies for resource management rules and performance data in a cloned database:

  • During the provisioning for either a Full Clone or a Metadata Clone, any resource management rule changed by the user in the source database is carried over to the cloned database.
  • Performance data for the time before the clone operation is not visible on the service console of the cloned database.

For more information on setting resource management rules, see Manage Runaway SQL Statements on Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Optimizer Statistics for a Cloned Database

During the provisioning for either a Full Clone or a Metadata Clone, the optimizer statistics are copied from the source database to the cloned database.

The following applies for optimizer statistics for tables in a cloned database:

  • Full Clone: loads into tables behave the same as loading into a table with statistics already in place.
  • Metadata Clone: the first load into a table after the clone clears the statistics for that table and updates the statistics with the new load.

For more information on Optimizer Statistics, see Optimizer Statistics Concepts.