Create Users on Autonomous Database

To create users in your database, connect to the database as the ADMIN user using any SQL client tool.

For example, connect using Oracle SQL Developer (see Connect with Oracle SQL Developer (18.2 or later)).

  1. As the ADMIN user run the following SQL statement:
    CREATE USER new_user IDENTIFIED BY password;


    IDENTIFIED with the EXTERNALLY clause is not supported with Autonomous Database.

    In addition, IDENTIFIED with the BY VALUES clause is not allowed.

This creates new_user with connect privileges. This user can now connect to the database and run queries. To grant additional privileges to users, see Manage User Privileges with Autonomous Data Warehouse.

The administrator needs to provide the credentials wallet to the user new_user. See Connecting to Autonomous Data Warehouse for more information. on client credentials.

Autonomous Data Warehouse requires strong passwords; the password you specify must meet the following default password complexity rules:

  • The password must be between 12 and 30 characters long and must include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one numeric character.

    Note, the password limit is shown as 60 characters in some help tooltip popups. Limit passwords to a maximum of 30 characters.

  • The password cannot contain the username.

  • The password cannot be one of the last four passwords used for the same username.

  • The password cannot contain the double quote (") character.

  • The password must not be the same password that is set less than 24 hours ago.

To change the password complexity rules and password parameter values you can alter the default profile or create a new profile and assign it to users. See Manage User Profiles with Autonomous Database for more information.

The following are the Autonomous Database default profile password parameter values:

Password Parameter Description Value

The number of days after the grace period begins during which a warning is issued and login is allowed.


The number of days the same password can be used for authentication.


The number of days an account will be locked after the specified number of consecutive failed login attempts


The number of password changes required before the current password can be reused.


The number of days before which a password cannot be reused.


See Manage User Profiles with Autonomous Database for information on using CREATE USER or ALTER USER with a profile clause.

To unlock an account, connect to your database as the ADMIN user and run the following command:


See SQL Language Reference for information on the ALTER USER command.

See Provide SQL Developer Web Access to Database Users to add users for SQL Developer Web.

See Create Oracle Application Express Workspaces in Autonomous Data Warehouse for information on creating APEX workspaces.

See Create and Update User Accounts for Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks to add user accounts for Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks.