Control Oracle APEX Upgrades

By default, Autonomous Database applies Oracle APEX upgrades as soon as they are released in your region. You can set an option to defer upgrades for major Oracle APEX releases, such as an upgrade from 20.1 to 20.2, for up to 45 days.


The latest Oracle APEX Patch Set Bundles are automatically applied on Autonomous Database and cannot be deferred.

Defer Oracle APEX Upgrades

Deferring Oracle APEX upgrades allows you to do the following:

  • Control when Oracle APEX is upgraded on your Autonomous Database. While there should be minimal disruption on a live system, you can still choose to upgrade at a time or on a day with less activity, for example on a weekend day.

  • Validate your applications against the new version of Oracle APEX before you upgrade your production system.

    To validate and test before you upgrade your production system, do the following:

To defer Oracle APEX upgrades, do the following:

  1. Open Oracle APEX Administration Services.

    See Access Oracle APEX Administration Services for more information.

  2. Open the Available Updates dialog by clicking the gear icon next to Available Updates.

    This shows the Available Updates dialog.

  3. In the Available Updates dialog select the Defer Upgrade option, Yes.
  4. Click Apply Changes.

Notes for deferred Oracle APEX upgrades:

  • If the Defer Upgrade setting is Yes and updates are available, then on the date indicated in the Available Updates dialog, Oracle APEX updates are automatically applied to your Autonomous Database instance. You cannot postpone the updates beyond the listed date.

  • If the Defer Upgrade setting is Yes and updates are available, you cannot schedule the Oracle APEX upgrades for a specific date and time. When you are ready to upgrade, access Oracle APEX Administration Services and click Upgrade Now. See Apply Oracle APEX Upgrades for details.

  • If your Autonomous Database is stopped at the time when the new Oracle APEX release becomes available in your region, the update is automatically applied the next time you start your database, regardless of the Defer Upgrade setting.

  • When you change the Defer Upgrade setting, the change applies to future upgrades and does not impact an Oracle APEX upgrade that is already available to your Autonomous Database.

Apply Oracle APEX Upgrades

When you have deferred upgrades and an upgrade is available, you have the option to apply the upgrade at any time before the specified upgrade date.

When Oracle APEX upgrades are not available the Available Updates area shows System is up-to-date.

When the Defer Upgrade setting is Yes, if an Oracle APEX upgrade is available and you take no action, the upgrade is applied automatically on the date specified in the Available Updates area.

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If you previously deferred upgrades as specified in Defer Oracle APEX Upgrades, then you can upgrade at any time, as follows:

  1. Open Oracle APEX Administration Services.
  2. Open the Available Updates dialog by clicking the gear icon next to Available Updates.
  3. On the Available Updates dialog click Upgrade Now.

This starts the Oracle APEX upgrade process in the background. You can continue using Administration Services and App Builder as well as running apps during most of the upgrade process.