Create Oracle APEX Workspaces in Autonomous Database

An Autonomous Database instance does not have precreated Oracle APEX workspaces. Create a workspace if you have not already done so or use these instructions to create additional workspaces.

To create an Oracle APEX workspace:

  1. Sign in to Oracle APEX Administration Services.
  2. Click Create Workspace.
  3. On the Create Workspace page, in the Database User field, enter a new database username or choose an existing user from the list.

    The ADMIN database user cannot be associated with a workspace.

  4. In the Password field, provide a strong password if the database user is a new user. If the user is an existing database user you do not enter a password.

    See About User Passwords on Autonomous Database to learn more about the default password complexity rules.

  5. (optional) In the Workspace Name field, change the name of the workspace that was automatically populated.
  6. Click Create Workspace.

See Access Oracle APEX App Builder and Create Oracle APEX Developer Accounts to create additional developer accounts.