Use Database Management Service to Monitor Databases

You can use Database Management Service to monitor the health of a single Autonomous Database or a fleet of Autonomous Databases.
Database Management Service lets you:
  • Monitor the key performance and configuration metrics of a fleet of Autonomous Databases.
  • Compare and analyze database metrics over a selected period.
  • Group your critical Autonomous Databases, which reside across compartments, into a Database Group, and monitor them.
To enable Database Management Service:
After enabling Database Management Service, you can perform the actions listed below.
Action Further Reference
Monitor the health of your fleet of Autonomous Databases on the Fleet Summary page.

Monitor the Health of Your Oracle Database Fleet

Assess the Performance of Your Databases at a Glance

Monitor a single Autonomous Database on the Managed Database Details page. Monitor and Manage an Autonomous Database
Group Autonomous Databases that reside across compartments into a Database Group and monitor them. Create and Use Database Groups


Database Management features such as AWR Explorer and Performance Hub on Managed Database Details are unavailable for Autonomous Databases. However, Performance Hub for Autonomous Databases continues to be a free feature that you can access from the Autonomous Database Details page without enabling Database Management.

For further information, see Monitor Autonomous Database with Performance Hub.