Finding Duplicates in Your Data

Run an analysis on your data set to find records with duplicate values. Select which values to use as the matching criteria and specify the precision of the analysis.

To find duplicates in your data:
  1. On the main authoring page, click the Duplicate Analysis Duplicate Analysis icon.
    The Duplicate Analysis dialog box appears.
  2. From the Available Columns list, select the columns that you want to compare to find duplicates.
    For example, you may want to find all the people with the same first name and last name.
    You can select multiple columns by pressing the Ctrl key as you select the columns.
  3. Click the Push Selected Push Selected icon.
    To use all the available columns, click the Push All Push All icon.
    The selected columns appear in the Selected Columns list.
  4. Move the Match Precision slider to adjust the precision used to find duplicates.
    The highest precision is Exact, and the lowest precision value is Fuzzy.
  5. Click Apply.
    The Profile Results drawer expands and displays the Duplicate Analysis page. The page displays the duplicate values, the number or records with the same value, and the percentage that they represent for the columns that you selected.
  6. If there are any duplicates, then click the Count column for the Duplicate Rows row.
  7. To view the records for a duplicate value, click the Value column for that row.