Integrate with Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service

You can let your users access Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service functionality, which lets users share screens or initiate a cobrowsing session with another person. For example, you might want to use cobrowse on a sales site so that a sales representative can help a customer select appropriate products or services on the site.

Only administrators with the enterprise user role can enable integration with Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service. If you aren’t an enterprise user, the Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service Integration option is grayed out.

To integrate with Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service:

  1. After you sign in to the Oracle Content and Experience web application as an administrator, click Integrations in the Administration area of the navigation menu.

  2. Under Oracle Integrations, select Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service Integration to enable the service, and then set these values:

    • Service URL: Enter the URL for the Cobrowse service. See Log in to the Agent Console in the Standalone Cobrowse User Guide for the link (for example,

    • Service User: Enter the Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service administrator user name.

    • Service Password: Enter the user’s password.

After you’ve configured the integration, Oracle Content and Experience users can enable cobrowse to work with a site and add the Cobrowse Launcher component to a site page. See Enabling Cobrowse Integration and Using Cobrowse on a Page in Creating Experiences with Oracle Content and Experience.

If you later decide to disable cobrowse, you must disable the option on the Integrations page and in the site settings for any sites that use cobrowse. If you disable only the option on the Integrations page, any sites that use cobrowse will continue to do so, but users won’t be able to add new cobrowse functionality.