Integrate with Oracle Policy Automation

You can let your users access Oracle Policy Automation functionality. Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) is used to implement online "interview" scenarios, such as feedback for troubleshooting or eligibility assessments for services. It delivers advice across channels by capturing rules in natural-language Microsoft Word and Excel documents, then building interactive customer service experiences called interviews around those rules.

Only administrators with the enterprise user role can enable integration with OPA. If you aren’t an enterprise user, the Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service Integration option is grayed out.


On the OPA side, interviews must be created and stored on the host site. In addition, the OPA administrator must add the Oracle Content and Experience domains (*.documents.* and *.sites.*) to the list of hosts authorized to embed interviews. See the Oracle Policy Automation documentation.

On the Oracle Content and Experience side, you need to configure integration with OPA:

  1. After you sign in to the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud web application as an administrator, click Integrations in the Administration area of the navigation menu.

  2. Under Oracle Integrations, select Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service Integration to enable the service, and then set these values:

    • Service URL: Enter the URL of the Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service.

    • Service User: Enter the name of the OPA user. This user must be an Integration user and must have the Deploy Admin role for the OPA collections.

    • Service Password: Enter the user password.

After both services have been configured for integration, Oracle Content and Experience users can add an OPA component to site pages. See Oracle Policy Automation in Creating Experiences with Oracle Content and Experience.