Your Role as Administrator

There are different kinds of administrators and different interfaces in which to perform administrative tasks. As an administrator, you should understand these roles and interfaces, as well as some important terminology, and the tasks you’re responsible for.

Before you start, you should understand the following terms, which are used throughout this documentation and other Oracle Cloud documents.

  • Account: An account corresponds to an Oracle customer who’s an individual, an organization, or a company. An account can have more than one service. Each account has one or more identity domains.
  • Service: A software offering in Oracle Cloud that’s managed by a service administrator. A service is associated with a particular data center, identity domain, and account.
  • Identity domain: An identity domain controls the authorization of users. Multiple services can be associated with a single identity domain and share user definitions. Users in an identity domain can have different levels of access to the different services in the domain.
  • Data centers: A facility housing computer systems. Oracle has data centers in several geographic regions. An identity domain and its services belong to a specific data center.

As an administrator, you need to be familiar with the roles and administrative interfaces that are involved with performing your administrative tasks: