8 Configure Procedure Security

You can grant another manager an access to your procedure on the Security tab.

To configure procedure security:
  1. In the procedures pane on the left, select the procedure you want to configure.
    The configuration pages for the selected procedure appear on the right.
  2. Click the Security tab.

    The Procedure Managers table lists managers with access to the procedure, including yourself. To sort the Users/Groups column, click one of the triangles in the column.

    A check mark indicates an access level of Procedure Manager.

  3. Click Add to display the Add Security Member dialog.
    In the Procedure Managers table, you can delete a manager's access by selecting the manager and then clicking the table's Delete.
  4. In the left field below, select Search Groups or Search Users to find members belonging to the selected role.
  5. In the adjacent text field, optionally search for a specific group or user name by entering a partial or full name. You can use the '*' character as a wildcard. Leave the text field blank to return all members. Click Search.
  6. From the search results, select one or more members (holding down the Ctrl key to select multiple members) and click Add.
    Each added member is included in the table.