Part II Setting Up Procedures

Procedures are defined content capture workflows, from the initial sourcing all the way to final upload to Oracle Content Management. Each procedure represents a complete content capture system, providing a centralized location to configure metadata, processing rules, configuration profiles, and batch data for a particular environment.

Oracle Content Management allows you to create any number of procedures to suit all your content capture needs. A procedure includes document, client, and commit profiles, and all configurations associated with them. It can include as many client, document, and commit profiles as your organization requires. You can reuse configurations across multiple profiles. In the client environment, if users’ role permits, they can choose client profiles and suitable document profiles to process document batches.

A procedure includes metadata based on client users' business type. This data could be customer or employee ID, phone number, date of birth, or an entirely different set of items. You configure a procedure to convert documents in to formats such as PDF, TIFF, or JPEG. You also create bar codes definitions for indexing, filtering, and search.

When you configure document profiles, you associate metadata and attachment format types with them. In an import job, you can choose a document profile to assign to imported documents. Or, you can configure a recognition job to dynamically determine the document profile. When you configure bar code definitions, document organization settings, you need to associate them with a relevant document profile, too.

In a client profile, you configure what client users can do in the client environment and how. You also associate one or more document profiles with it. That is, some users' job includes only capturing documents, some are responsible for generating indexes for document batches, and some do both. In client profiles, you also specify batch prefixes, batch priority, criteria for filtering batches (priority, status, prefix, and so on). To restrict client profile use, you can assign them users so that only users with sufficient rights can access client profiles in the client environment.

In commit profiles, you configure the Oracle Content Management commit driver settings. You can also restrict commit operations to a document profile so that users can check in only those documents to the repository that meet the criteria specified in the document profile.


The configuration tabs in the Capture Procedures page are ordered corresponding to the flow of data through the capture, processing, and commit steps; however, when configuring a procedure, the most efficient path is achieved by working in the reverse order since the initial steps must link to already defined subsequent steps.