4 Create Sites

Anyone with the proper permissions is capable of building a website with Oracle Content Management. You don’t need to use any proprietary tools or code or software. The user interface is graphical, intuitive, and friendly.

When you create a site, you begin with a template. A template has everything you need to get started with your site, including the site code framework, a default site with sample pages and content, a theme with styling, resources such as images, and even custom components. See Understand the Site Creation Process.

Oracle Content Management's site governance simplifies and accelerates experience delivery for business users while giving your IT departments an easy way to control and track experiences from a centralized location with the ability to fully manage the entire experience lifecycle, reducing the cost to create and maintain each new experience a company needs. Governance is built into the core of Oracle Content Management; it just needs to be enabled by your administrator. See Configure Sites and Assets Settings in Administering Oracle Content Management.