Manage Site Requests

If site governance is enabled, sites might need to be approved before they're created. You can view pending site requests on the Sites page, with the Requests filter.

See Understand Site Governance.

To view pending site requests, on the Sites page, in the filter menu, select Requests. If you're a site administrator, you see all site requests in your system, including requests that require approval from other people. If you're an approver, you see all site requests for which you are an approver. All users see site requests they've submitted.

In the requests list, you can see a thumbnail of the site, the name of the site, who requested it, when it was requested, the site description, the status of the request, and an icon showing whether a site requires log in or not.

Depending on your role, you can perform the following actions:

  • To view more details of the request, such as the minimum security required, template used, an optional justification for the site, and thumbnails, click the site name or select the request, and then click View.
  • If you're a site administrator or an approver, you can approve the request by selecting it, and then clicking Approve. The site will automatically be created after it's approved.
  • If you're a site administrator or an approver, you can deny the request by viewing the details, and then clicking Reject. Enter a reason for denying the request, and then click Reject.

    Although you can alternatively deny the request by selecting it in the list of requests, and then clicking Reject, you won't be able to add a reason for rejecting it.

  • If your request failed or was rejected, you can view the details, edit your request as necessary, and then Resubmit the request.
  • If you're the site creator, you can delete your request by selecting it, and then clicking Delete.


    If the site requester has been deleted, a site administrator can delete the site request.

After the site is created, you can share the site, change the security, add and edit content, publish the site, and bring it online. See Manage Sites and Site Settings and Edit Sites.