Get Started with Sites

Anyone with the proper permissions is capable of building a website with Oracle Content Management. You don’t need to use any proprietary tools or code or software. The user interface is graphical, intuitive, and friendly.


With Oracle Content Management Starter Edition, you are limited to 1 site and no site governance. For a full feature set, upgrade to Oracle Content Management Premium Edition.

Who is able to build a site depends on several factors:

  • Whether your service administrator has enabled site creation.
  • Whether your service administrator has enabled site governance. See Understand Site Governance
  • Whether site creation is limited to site administrators (available when site governance is disabled).
  • Whether your site administrator has made templates available.

When you create a site, you begin with a template. A template has everything you need to get started with your site, including the site code framework, a default site with sample pages and content, a theme with styling, resources such as images, and even custom components. See Understand the Site Creation Process.

If you're creating an enterprise site, it will be associated with a repository and must have a localization policy defined specifying a default language. Both the repository and the localization policy must be created before you create a site. You store the assets and documents you need for the site in the repository, and the repository policies dictate what can be done with the assets. See Understand Asset Repositories for details about how to use repositories.

When you edit a site, you create a new update or use an existing update. Within an update, you can edit and add content, adjust the style settings, add and delete pages, change page layouts, and organize pages. See Get to Know the Site Builder Page to find out what you can do with the editor.

Updates don’t need to be ready all at once. You and your team members can work on multiple updates concurrently and independently. For example, you might be working on an update with weekly news while another team member is adding pages for an upcoming sales conference. You can edit, review, and save changes to your updates as often as you need to and merge an update with the base site at any time.

When you’re ready, launch your site. Just a single click publishes your site to the web. That’s it in a nutshell—from concept to launch.