To add and format a paragraph component:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit and make sure that Edit switch is set to Edit.
  2. Add the component to the page.
  3. Click in the paragraph component to enter the text. The text takes on the formatting of the default style for the component.
  4. To add a video (Video icon), image (the image icon), or content item (Content item icon) to a paragraph, click the appropriate icon.
  5. Click Select icon to open the Select Asset panel and navigate to the content item you want to use. Select a different asset repository if necessary, or select Add then Add from Documents or Add from this computer if the item is not in a repository.
  6. To add an additional paragraph within a paragraph component, just press Enter.
  7. To add a link within the paragraph:
    1. Enter and select the text you want to use as the link text, then click Link icon.
    2. Click Select Link Type and choose one of the following options:
      • Web Page: Specify a full URL to an external page or site, and select where to open the link.

      • Site Page: Use the page picker to select a page on the current site, and select where to open the link. You can specify additional URL parameters in the format key1=value1&key2=value2. Empty values are supported; for example, key1=&key2=value2. You can also specify a URL anchor, but need to add a special Anchor section layout to the place on the target site page where you want the anchor link to resolve, and specify the same anchor name in layout settings that you used when defining the trigger action.


        The Anchor section layout required to use URL anchors is distributed in the Oracle Content Management Toolkit. For information on how to get the toolkit, see Develop with Oracle Content Management Toolkit.
      • File Download: Download a selected file from the repository. Select a file.

        If you select a digital asset, you can select a specific rendition. If you don't select a rendition, the original size will be used. If you want the latest version of the asset to be published when the site is published, select Use latest version of asset. If you don't select Use latest version of asset, then the most recent published version is used rather than a more recent draft version if there is one.

      • File Preview: Preview and optionally download a selected file in an overlay over a dimmed and inactive version of the page.

      • Content Item: Click Select icon to select a content item from an associated asset repository. Choose the detail page you want displayed and target the page to open in the same or new window.

      • Email: Specify a valid email address and, optionally, a subject. The resulting message is opened in and sent through the default email client.

      • Map: Enter a valid address or coordinates, and select where you want the map to open in desktop and mobile browsers.

      • Phone call: Enter a valid phone number.

      To remove a link, click anywhere in the link text and click Unlink icon.

  8. If you want to change the default formatting for any portion of text, select the text that you want to format, then select any of the options in the formatting tool bar, such as font, color, or alignment. Depending on your theme, you may not see all these options.

    Description of paragraph_component.png follows
    Description of the illustration paragraph_component.png

    Changes you make are applied immediately. These formatting changes are applied over the base style. If you change the base style, the overrides remain in place.

  9. To remove the formatting applied with these options, select the text and click Remove Formatting icon.