Use Content Items

Content items can be used on a website or in another communication output.

Remember that a content item is created using a content type as a guide. Most content types are tailored to fit a particular need in a website or other type of output. After content items are created, they’re available for use on a website if one is associated with the collection. Anyone with a contributor role for the website can add it to the site by selecting it and dragging it and dropping it to the website in any slot that accepts content.

When you create a content item, you can edit it later and not affect anything where the content item is used. For example, perhaps you need to write a short, daily update for your website. You or your administrator create a content type called News Article. The content type has fields for short text, a date, and a small paragraph.

You create the News Today content item using that content type and you add it to your website collection. Then you add the News Today content item to your website and preview how it looks. Once it looks the way you want, it can be published.

Then you can edit News Today every day and change the text included in the item and publish it. That changed text will be reflected on the website without any need for someone to update the website daily. The content changes independently of the website.