Work with Assets and Content Items

If you are an enterprise user, your site can include digital assets and content items stored in a site collection or the associated repository. The collection is a subset of assets in a repository that can be used on the site.

To add a digital asset or content item to a page, make sure that Edit switch is set to Edit, then click the sites asset icon. If your site uses multiple repositories, select the repository to use. For information about using multiple repositories in a site, see Give a Site Access to Multiple Repositories in Managing Assets in Oracle Content and Experience.

You can filter your assets to find exactly what you need. Click the filter icon and choose how you want to narrow your choices. If you don't see any assets, the assets might not be part of the site collection. Change the filter to show all collections in the repository instead of just the site collection to see if that helps. See Search, Filter, and Sort Assets for complete details.

Drag the digital asset or content item from the panel and drop it into a slot on the page. You can embed images directly into a Paragraph component at a cursor location, with options to enter alternative text, set the image height and width, and set the alignment.

If you add an item from the site collection to a page, it is automatically placed in a component of the appropriate type. For example, if you add an image digital asset, it is automatically placed in an image component. If you add a content item, it is automatically placed in a content item component. Alternatively, you can add the image or content item component first and then drag the content item from the Content panel onto the component at a later time. Or you can select Settings for the component, then click Select to choose an image from your assets or from your documents list.