Assign Workflow Roles

Workflow roles are part of the workflow process and are defined in Oracle Integration by a service administrator when the workflow process is defined. Workflow roles determine the actions available for workflow tasks to workflow members assigned to the role. When you register a workflow in Oracle Content Management, the associated workflow roles are made available in Oracle Content Management.

To assign members to workflow roles:

  1. Click Content in the administration area of the side navigation menu and select Custom Roles from the banner menu.
  2. Click the Workflow Roles tab. A list of workflow roles is displayed.
  3. Select the role you want to assign members to and click Members in the actions bar.
  4. Click Add Members.
  5. Enter names or email addresses of the users you want to add as members. All members of a workflow role can perform the action defined for the role. Optionally, edit the message that will be sent to these users letting them know that they have been assigned the workflow role.
  6. When you've finished adding members, click Add.