Associate a Workflow with a Repository

You must associate a workflow with at least one repository in order for it to be used. Then asset users can use the workflow when working with assets in that repository.

You can associate a workflow with a repository when you create the repository or you can edit the repository to add the workflow.

To edit a repository to add a workflow:

  1. Sign in as a repository administrator in your browser and click Content under Administration in the left navigation menu.
  2. Choose Repositories from the drop-down list.
  3. Open the repository you want to associate the workflow with.
  4. On the Workflows tab, choose the workflows to be used with the repository. These workflows will show in the assignments boxes on this page and to users when they create assets in this repository.
  5. In the Workflow Assignments section, select automatic and default workflows for the asset types associated with this repository, and specify whether default workflows are required.
    • Any Asset Type: Selections you make in this row will be propagated to all the asset types, but you can override the settings for individual asset types as desired.
    • Automatic Start: If you want assets that are added this repository from a user's computer to be automatically submitted to a workflow when the asset is created, select a workflow in this column.


      Assets added from Oracle Content Management or from third-party cloud storage providers currently don't support automatic workflow assignment.
    • Manual Start Default: If you want assets in this repository to be manually submitted to a default workflow, select a workflow in this column, and select whether the workflow is Required.

      When a user views the Workflow panel for an asset for the first time, the default workflow will be selected. The user will only be able to change this workflow selection if the workflow isn't required. The user must click Submit for Review for the workflow to be initiated.