Use Workflows


If you're using Oracle Content Management Starter Edition, you're limited to only basic out-of-the-box approve/reject workflow. To take advantage of the full feature set, upgrade to the Premium Edition.

If your service administrator has integrated Oracle Content Management with Oracle Integration, and your content administrator has registered Oracle Integration workflows, you may have additional workflow options available to you. For example in the following diagram, an asset submitted to a workflow can either be rejected, returned for more information, passed on for additional approval, and then approved.

Two Step Process

Once your content administrator has registered a workflow, assigned it to a repository, added you as a member, and assigned you to a workflow role, the workflow is available to use when working with assets.

The workflow pane has two tabs representing three possible workflow states:

  • Submit (displayed if an asset has no workflows in progress)—This tab is where you submit the asset for review. You can submit an asset to only one workflow at a time, so if an asset is automatically submitted to workflow during creation or if the asset has already been manually submitted to workflow on its own or as a dependent of a parent asset, you won't be able to submit it to another workflow until the current workflow is completed.

    Some workflows may be selected by default (configured by your repository manager). If they're required workflows, you won't be able deselect them.


    Assets added from Oracle Content Management or from third-party cloud storage providers currently don't support automatic workflow assignment.
  • In progress (replaces the Submit tab once a workflow is initiated for an asset)—This tab lists the progress of the asset through the workflow. If you have a responsibility for a step that hasn't been completed, the actions you can take are available in a selection box. When an action is finished, the next step, if there is one, is added to the list. Completed steps identify the person and date when an action was taken. If the workflow has several completed actions, they may be grouped under an expandable heading labeled Audit Trail.

    When viewing a parent asset that has been submitted with its dependencies, the In progress tab of the Workflow pane shows the workflow steps, but the dependent assets show only that the asset is in review, along with the version number, the name of the parent asset it was submitted with, the submitting user's name, and when it was submitted.

  • Completed (always displayed)—Displays a list of completed workflows for the asset if there are any, and the date each workflow was completed. Completed workflows can include both approved and rejected workflows. You can expand a completed workflow to see a detailed list of the actions in the workflow.

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