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Workflows aren't available in business repositories.

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Workflow Overview

If your service administrator has integrated Oracle Content Management with Oracle Integration, and your content administrator has registered Oracle Integration workflows, you may have additional workflow options available to you. For example in the following diagram, an asset submitted to a workflow can either be rejected, returned for more information, passed on for additional approval, and then approved.

Two Step Process

Once your content administrator has registered a workflow, assigned it to a repository, added you as a member, and assigned you to a workflow role, the workflow is available to use when working with assets.

Use Workflow with an Asset

  1. On the Assets page, right-click or select the asset you want to submit to a workflow.
  2. Choose Workflows from the right-click menu or the Sidebar menu, or click the additional properties pane to open the additional properties pane and select Workflows from the pane menu. The workflow pane has two tabs representing three possible workflow states:
    • Submit (displayed if an asset has no manual workflows in progress)—Select a workflow from the list of available ones and click Submit for Review to initiate a workflow. Some workflows may be selected by default (configured by your repository manager). If they are required workflows, you won't be able deselect them. If assets are automatically submitted to workflow during creation, you'll see an "already in review" section at the bottom of the tab; expand the section to see the workflow.


      Assets added from Oracle Content Management or from third-party cloud storage providers currently don't support automatic workflow assignment.
    • In Progress (replaces the Submit tab once a workflow is initiated for an asset)—A list of steps is displayed showing the progress of the asset through the workflow. Completed steps identify the person and date when an action was taken. If you have a responsibility for a step, the actions you can take are available in a selection box. You must confirm the action when selected and can add an optional comment. When the action is finished the next step, if there is one, is added to the list. If the workflow has several completed actions, they may be grouped under an expandable heading labeled Audit Trail.
    • Completed (always displayed)—Displays a list of completed workflows for the asset if there are any, and the date each workflow was completed. Completed workflows can include both approved and rejected workflows. Each completed workflow can be expanded to see a detailed list of the actions in the workflow.

You can return to the workflow pane In progress tab of the asset at any time to see the current status as the asset moves through the workflow. If an asset has been through workflows previously, click the Completed tab to see the history of workflows the asset has completed.

Workflow Notifications

If you are assigned a role associated with a workflow step and have a responsibility to complete a workflow task, you will receive an email notification with links to the actions available to you or to view the workflow online. Viewing the workflow online opens the asset in Oracle Content Management. Available actions are dependent on the workflow and are listed in the Action menu of the step for which you are responsible.

View Your Workflow Tasks

To see a list of all workflow tasks for which you are responsible and take action, use the More menu on the assets page.

  1. On the Assets click More menu and select Workflow Tasks. A list of all tasks needing your attention across all repositories is displayed.
  2. Take action. Available actions will depend on the workflow and your role.
    • Select the task you want to take action on and click the action you want to take in the banner menu.
    • Select the task you want to take action on and click Preview in the banner menu to open the asset with the workflow pane displayed, then select the action you want to take from the Action menu of the associated task in the workflow.


    You can select multiple tasks and take an action across all selected tasks, provided the action is common to each task. For example, Acquire might not be available when multiple tasks are selected, but Approve and Reject might if you have review rights in the workflows used for the selected tasks. Preview will not be available when multiple tasks are selected, because it pertains to previewing individual assets.