Add Links Using Microsoft Outlook

If your email administrator has installed and configured Oracle Content Management for Outlook on your Microsoft Exchange server, you can easily embed links to your Oracle Content files and folders into email messages or calendar appointments.

To add a link:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and compose a message or create a new appointment.

  2. Click Insert Links to myOracleInstance in the message or meeting tab of the ribbon. Note that your instance will be named by your service administrator when they create the instance.

    Message Ribbon

    You may need to click More icon - gray in order to see the Insert Links to myOracleInstance option under the Oracle Content section.


    If your service administrator has enabled the Outlook add-in on multiple instances of Oracle Content Management to which you have access, you will see an Oracle Content section in the message or appointment ribbon for each Oracle Content Management instance to which you have access.

    Message Menu

    A panel opens in Outlook showing the Documents page of Oracle Content Management. You may be prompted to log in to Oracle Content Management prior to displaying the Documents page.

  3. In the panel, navigate to and select the item or items you are sending a link to, Then click Next.

  4. Accept the default link options regarding the permissions for each link, the link name, expiration date, or access code, or click Edit Link Options to make changes.

  5. Click Insert. The names of each document or folder is added to your email message or appointment as a link.