Files are missing from one of my folders that I shared

If you share a folder and assign a Manager or Contributor role to someone for the folder, that person can also delete files from the folder or delete subfolders.

If the item is deleted using the browser, the items appear in the Oracle Content and Experience Trash folder for the owner of the items and the person who deleted the items. Either the owner or the person who deleted the items can restore the items from Trash. Only the owner can permanently delete the items in Trash.

If the items are being synchronized using the desktop sync client, the deleted items appear in the recycle bin on your desktop even if you were not the person who deleted the items.

It's best to restore the files from the Trash folder using the web browser. That way you can be sure you have the latest copy of the information.

Your service administrator can set the length of time that items in Trash are retained. If the item is missing, it may be that your Trash was automatically emptied.