I don’t see the results I expected when searching

Your search results may not be as expected because of a few different factors.

Check and see if any of these search tips apply to your search:

  • A search looks through the titles, the content (such as words in a document), file extensions, the name of the person who last modified the file, and the information about an item (like a folder's description). It also checks any metadata associated with the item, tags for digital assets, conversation messages, hashtags used in conversations, and people in the conversation.

  • There may be a slight time delay to show the newest search results. For example, if you search for the term Report and then add another document with the term Report in it, that newest document will be not be returned in search results for a few seconds.

  • If you have more than 100 shared folders (either shared by you or with you), a global search may not return the expected results. The search is done on Favorite shared folders first and then other shared folders, up to 100. You may want to designate some folders as Favorites before searching, to ensure better search results.

  • If an item is larger than 10MB in size, it will not appear as a possibility in full-text search (a search through the content of a file, not just the metadata about a file). You can find the item by searching for the entire name.