Manage Your Conversations

When viewing a conversation, you can manage your conversation by clicking More icon . If you're viewing a conversation associated with an item, click More icon in the Conversation pane. If you're viewing an independent conversation, click More icon in the Conversation toolbar.

  • Mark All Read: (shows when you have unread messages) You can mark all the posts in the conversation as read. The “read” count appears in the conversation listing.
  • Add to Favorites: Add the conversation or remove it from your list of favorites.
  • Share Conversation: Share the conversation by adding members to it or by sending a link to the conversation.
  • Upload Document: Add a document to the conversation.
  • Rename Conversation: Change the name of the conversation.
  • Mute Conversation or Unmute Conversation: Muting a conversation hides it from your list of conversations and stops messages about it from appearing in your email digest if you chose to have one sent to you.
  • Close Conversation or Open Conversation: Closing a conversation prevents people from adding new messages to it and removes it from people's list of conversations.
  • Discard Conversation: (shows only if you are the only member of the conversation) You can discard a conversation that was created independently of a file or folder. When you discard it, the conversation is removed from the listing of conversations for yourself and any members.
  • Show Membership Messages or Hide Membership Messages: (shows only in independent conversations) These types of messages show when a person was added to a conversation and who added them.
  • Set Conversation Language: You can adjust the language setting for individual conversations by choosing a language from the list.