Provide Configuration Parameter Values for a Content Connector

A service administrator can register a content connector on the cloud storage provider’s website to get configuration parameter values to enter for the content connector in Oracle Content and Experience.

Only one set of user credentials is stored for a signed-in Oracle Content and Experience user. If you need to use a separate user to fetch data, use Manage Sources and revoke the authorization for the existing user. Then you can use credentials for a second user.

Before you configure the content connector in Oracle Content and Experience, you need to get custom field information from the third-party content repository's website (such as Google Developers) by registering the content connector as an application that you want to integrate.

Here's the information you'll need for the various content connectors:
  • Google Drive: Client ID, Client Secret, Developer Key, and App Id
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Client ID and Client Secret
  • Dropbox: App Key and App Secret
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online: Client ID, Client Secret, Sharepoint URL, Tenant ID, and Access Scope
  • WebCenter Content: WebCenter Content Server JAX-WS Connection URI, WebCenter Content Server JAX-WS Client Policy, and WebCenter Content Server Web Context Root
  1. Click Integrations in the Administration area of the navigation menu.
  2. In the Integrations menu, choose Content Connectors.
  3. Click the Configure button next to a content connector.
  4. Click the Custom Fields tab, and enter the information you collected from the third-party content repository's website.
  5. Click Save to save the configuration parameter values.

After a content connector is configured and enabled, it's available in the asset repository for Oracle Content and Experience users to download content, through the Add From drop-down menu on the Assets page.