Data Management

This section describes issues associated with data management.

Calling C External Procedures from PL/SQL Not Supported

The extproc agent is not supported in the Cloud environment. Calling C external procedures from PL/SQL will fail.

EXPLAIN PLAN on SELECT Query Using Dictionary Views Not Supported

Using EXPLAIN PLAN for a SELECT query referencing dictionary views fails with ORA-01039: insufficient privileges on underlying objects of the view. Note that the SELECT query itself will pass when executed. Only EXPLAIN PLAN with SELECT queries referencing dictionary views will fail.

ORADEBUG Not Accessible

The ORADEBUG utility is not accessible.

Original Export/Import Not Supported

Original Export/Import is not supported and fails with an error if attempted. The OPCODE might be missing in the error message. The expdp and impdp Data Pump commands also are not supported.

Users Cannot Create External Tables

Users cannot create external tables. The extproc agent is not supported, and creating external tables will fail.


Use the standard CREATE TABLE statement.

Users Cannot See Explain Plan for Underlying Objects of a View

Users do not have the privileges necessary to see the explain plan for underlying objects of a view, such as tables.