Development — General

This section describes issues associated with development. The following features and data types are not supported in this release.

Features and Data Types Not Supported (General)

The following features and data types are not supported in Exadata Express.

  • Advanced Queuing (AQ) Notifications

    AQ PL/SQL Notifications are supported. Native AQ notification support from APIs such as OCI, JDBC, and so on are not supported.

  • Application Continuity

  • BFILE data type

  • Client Result Cache

  • Change Query Notification

  • Database Link (DBlink)

    Exadata Express cannot be the target of an incoming DBlink. Outgoing DBlinks from Exadata Express are not allowed. Also, any DBlink functionality is not supported.

  • Database Resident Connection Pool (DRCP)

  • Fast Application Notification (FAN)

  • Input bind of objects

    Input bind of objects (for example, using the DML statement with object binds) is not supported. Retrieving objects (for example, using SELECT to retrieve object values) is supported.

  • Real Application Security (RAS)

  • Runtime Load Balancing (RLB)

  • Transparent Application Failover (TAF)

  • Switching between containers using 'alter session set container'

  • XA

    Oracle XA is not supported. Both one-phase commit (1pc) and two-phase commit (2pc) are not supported.

  • XML DB HTTP, FTP, and WebDAV services

    The Oracle XML DB HTTP, FTP, and WebDAV services are not available. Setting these port numbers won’t raise an error but also won’t have any effect.

Data Type BFILE Not Supported

CREATE DIRECTORY is not supported, therefore the data type BFILE, which depends on CREATE DIRECTORY, cannot be used.