Development — JDBC

This section describes issues associated with JDBC development.

Binding of XMLType in OCI and JDBC for Inbound Operations Not Supported

Binding of XMLType in OCI and JDBC for inbound operations is not supported.


Send the XML content using a LOB (BLOB or CLOB) and then use an XMLType constructor to convert the LOB to an XMLTYPE. For example, instead of coding "insert into MY_XMLTABLE values (:1)" and binding an XMLType, you need to code "Insert MY_XMLTABLE values (XMLTYPE(:1))" and bind a CLOB or BLOB. See the XMLTYPE documentation for more details about the supported forms of the XMLTYPE constructor.

JDBC Object Bind Not Supported

The JDBC feature for supporting object bind is not available for Exadata Express.

As a result, ResultSet.insertRow(), ResultSet.updateRow(), and SensitiveScrollableResultSet also are not supported, because they rely on object bind.

JDBC OCI Native XA Support

Similar to the JDBC OCI driver, the JDBC Thin driver also provides support for Native XA. However, the JDBC Thin driver provides support for Native XA by default, unlike the JDBC OCI driver, in which support for Native XA is not enabled by default.

JDBC Thin Client Does Not Support XA Feature

The JDBC Thin client does not support the XA feature. An exception is thrown if this feature is used.

Native XA (Including 1pc and 2pc) Not Supported for JDBC

For JDBC, Native XA whether 1pc or 2pc is not supported by Exadata Express, while Non-Native XA is supported.

Selection of Anytype Not Supported for JDBC Thin

Binding an anytype to an INSERT or UPDATE is not supported for the JDBC Thin.

Selection of Nested Columns Not Supported for JDBC OCI8 Driver

Binding a nested column to an INSERT or UPDATE is not supported for the JDBC drivers.