Test an Identity Provider

After adding and activating an identity provider, you can test it. You can verify that you can use your federated SSO credentials to log in to Oracle Identity Cloud Service through an external website.

  1. If you assigned the identity provider to an identity provider policy, then go to step 2. Otherwise, assign the identity provider to an identity provider policy. See Assign Identity Providers to the Policy.
  2. Log out of Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
  3. In the Sign In page, verify that you see a link called <Identity_Provider_Name>.

    The <Identity_Provider_Name> placeholder represents the name you entered for the identity provider that you created.

    If, for example, you created an identity provider called Google, then the link appears as Google.

    See Add a SAML Identity Provider.

  4. Click the <Identity_Provider_Name> link.
  5. Log in to the external website with your federated SSO credentials.
    The identity provider evaluates the user's login credentials, verifies that the user is an authorized user, and returns this information to Oracle Identity Cloud Service. The user can access Oracle Identity Cloud Service.


    If you no longer want to display the link to the identity provider in the Sign In page, then remove the identity provider from all identity provider policies and deactivate the identity provider. See Remove Identity Providers from the Policy and Deactivate an Identity Provider.