Typical Workflow for Customizing Oracle Identity Cloud Service Notifications

With the notification feature in Oracle Identity Cloud Service, you can customize and use notifications.

Task Description Additional Information
Understand the types of notifications. You can learn about the types of Oracle Identity Cloud Service notifications that you can customize for users and administrators. Understand the Types of Notifications
Understand how to customize notifications. You can examine a workflow that illustrates how to customize notifications in Oracle Identity Cloud Service. Understand How to Customize Notifications
Activate notifications. You can activate notifications using the Notifications page. Activate Notifications
Select notifications. You can select notifications using the Notifications page. Select Notifications
Specify recipients for notifications. You can specify recipients for notifications using the Notifications page. Specify Recipients for Notifications
Modify notification templates. You can modify notification templates using the Notifications page. Modify Notification Templates
Verify notifications. You can verify the customizations that you make to Oracle Identity Cloud Service notification templates. Verify Notifications
Deactivate notifications. You can deactivate notifications using the Notifications page. Deactivate Notifications
You can customize and use notifications by using:
  • The Identity Cloud Service console

  • SCIM-based APIs

In this section, you learn how to customize notifications by using the Identity Cloud Service console.

For more information about how to use SCIM APIs, see REST API for Oracle Identity Cloud Service.