Learn about common problems that you might encounter when managing users and learn how to solve them.

I logged in successfully to Oracle Identity Cloud Service as an administrator. However, on the Home page, I see only a small subset of functionality. As an example, I don't see the Applications tab. Also, the dashboard doesn't display the Applications pane. Why is that?

The content that you see on the Identity Cloud Service console reflects the administration roles assigned to you. So, if you are not assigned to either the identity domain administrator or application administrator administration roles, you won't see any application-based functionality because you don't have permissions to do so. See Understanding Administrator Roles for a listing of the types of Oracle Identity Cloud Service administrator roles and the privileges for each role.

I am locked out of my account? I know I did not change my password. What happened? How do I access the service?

For security reasons, your administrator might have had to reset passwords for all users.

Check your inbox for an email from your administrator. If you do not have an email from your administrator, contact your administrator directly.

When importing users from a CSV file, I get an error that says “Invalid UTF-8...”

The problem is that the CSV file was not saved in an UTF-8 format. If you do not save the file in a CSV format with UTF-8 encoding, the import fails. Ensure that you have saved the CSV file in UTF-8 format and try to import the file again.

See Import User Accounts and Import Groups.

While importing users, I am getting the following error, “Unable to determine ID for : [MANAGER NAME]”. How do I fix this?

Validate that the user with the ID given in the “Manager Name” column already exists in the system or that the user is being created as a new user in the same CSV import.

When activating a new user or resetting a user password, the administrator profile displays instead of the profile page for the newly activated user. Why?

This behavior occurs if the administrator and the user are sharing the same browser session or window at the same time.

To work around this issue, ensure that the administrator and the user are not sharing the same browser session or window at the same time.