View Details About Applications

By default, you can see the name and description for each application in Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

By clicking an application name, you can view high-level and configuration information about the application. For Oracle applications, you can also see the roles associated with the application, and the Oracle Identity Cloud Service groups and users assigned to the application.
  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, and then click Applications.
  2. In the Applications page, click the application name for which you want additional information.


    To search for applications, enter all or part of the beginning of the application name that you want to locate in the search field, and then press Enter. To fine-tune your search, click the search field again, and then select a status.
  3. To view high-level information about the application, such as the application type, name, description, icon, URL, links, and whether the application will appear on the My Apps page, click Details.
  4. To view configuration information about the application, click Configuration. For custom SAML applications, this tab is labeled SSO Configuration because, by granting SAML applications to users, they can single sign-on (SSO) into SaaS applications that support SAML for SSO. See Add a Confidential Application, Add a Mobile Application, and Add a SAML Application.

    When you purchase an Oracle application, an instance of the application is created in your identity domain and appears in the Applications page automatically. For Oracle applications, you can't edit values that appear in the Details tab or the Configuration tab.

    Because you can add custom applications to your identity domain, you can edit high-level and configuration information for these applications. See About Modifying Applications.

  5. For Oracle applications, to view roles associated with the application, click Application Roles. You can assign users and groups to an application role or remove users and groups from the application role. See About Modifying Applications.
  6. For Oracle applications, to view the names and descriptions of any groups assigned to the application, click Groups.
  7. For Oracle applications, to view the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of any users assigned to the application, click Users. You can filter and sort this list of users.
    • To display only those users who are assigned to a particular application role, click Show, and then select the application role.
    • To display users who are assigned to any application role, click Show, and then select All Role Members.
    • To sort the users in ascending order by their names or email addresses, click Sort By, and then select Name or Email.