Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Trigger Summary Page

You can review the trigger (source) endpoint configuration details on the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Trigger Endpoint Configuration Summary page.

Element Description

Product Family

Displays the selected product family for your configuration, such as “Order Management Suite”.


Displays the selected product for your configuration, such as “Order Management”.

Business Event (or XML Gateway Map)

Displays the internal name of the selected interface, either an event or XML Gateway message, such as “oracle.apps.ont.oip.statuschange.update” for an event or “itg_process_po_007_out” for a message.

Integration Pattern

Request only.

Instructions (for XML Gateway only)

If the selected interface is an XML Gateway message, this field appears. It displays a list of manual steps that you must perform for the integration with an XML Gateway message map. These tasks include activating the integration and configuring a desired trading partner in Oracle E-Business Suite.

See Post Activation Manual Steps for XML Gateway Messages as a Trigger.

Click Done.