Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter XML Gateway Message Page

Enter XML Gateway message information that you plan to use as a trigger in your integration.

Element Description

Product Family

Select a desired Oracle E-Business Suite application product family for your integration. For example, select “Applications Technology” from the drop-down list.

Note that the available product families for your selection are based on the Oracle E-Business Suite instance to which you are connecting.


Select a desired product from the selected product family. For example, “Service Suite”.

XML Gateway Map

Once you select a product, a list of XML Gateway messages including both Oracle seeded and custom messages contained in the selected product is populated for your selection.

Locate a desired XML Gateway message through either of the following ways:

  • Select a desired XML Gateway message name from the drop-down list. For example, select “Add Salesorder”.

  • Use the Filter by Name field to find your desired XML Gateway message. For example, enter Add in this field to find the event name starting with “Add”.


You can define custom XML Gateway messages to meet your needs. If required, annotate the custom events, and then upload them to the Integration Repository.

For information on creating custom XML Gateway messages, see Creating Custom Integration Interfaces of the Creating and Using Custom Integration Interfaces chapter of Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Developer's Guide. For information on uploading custom interfaces to Oracle Integration Repository residing in Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway, see Generating and Uploading ILDT Files and Uploading ILDT Files to Integration Repository of the Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Implementation Guide.


Displays the corresponding Integration Repository name after you selected an XML Gateway message. For example, “XNB:SOO” is shown for the selected XML Gateway message “Add Salesorder”.

Internal Name

Displays the internal name of the selected XML Gateway message, such as “XNB_OM_SALESORDER_OAG72_OUT” for “Add Salesorder”.


Displays the integration standard information, such as “OAG 7.2”.


Displays the description information of the selected XML Gateway message.

Click Next.

The Summary page appears with the selected XML Gateway information.

For information on using XML Gateway message as a trigger connection, see Use Oracle E-Business Suite XML Gateway Messages to Trigger Integration Endpoint in Oracle Integration.