Create a New B2B Schema

You can create a new B2B schema that you select to use when configuring a B2B document.

  1. From the navigation pane on the Oracle home page, select B2B > B2B Schemas.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter the following details.
    Element Description
    Name Enter a document name.
    Identifier This field is automatically populated with the document name. You can manually change this value.
    Description Enter an optional description of the customization details for this document.
    Document Standard EDI X12 is automatically selected for use and cannot be deselected.
    Document Version Select the document version.
    Document Type Select the document type.

  4. Click Create.
    This creates a schema for you to customize to satisfy your business requirements.
  5. Customize the schema as required for your business requirements. See Step 8 of Create a B2B Document to Define Custom Definitions for instructions on customizing your schema under the View Details link.
    Once complete, you can select the schema when creating a new document in the Document Schema field, as described in Step 4 of Create a B2B Document to Define Custom Definitions.
    Document Schema field selected to show the new schema for selection. Customize button is to the right.