Manage an Integration as an API with Oracle API Gateway

After activating a REST Adapter trigger-based integration in Oracle Integration, you can publish the open API specification and deploy the endpoint to Oracle API Gateway.


  • This feature is only available in Oracle Integration Generation 2.
  • You cannot configure both Oracle API Gateway and API Platform Cloud Service in Oracle Integration at the same time.
  • You can switch between API Platform Cloud Service and Oracle API Gateway, but lose your previous configurations. For example, if API Platform Cloud Service is configured, and you then attempt to configure Oracle API Gateway, you are prompted with a message indicating that your API Platform Cloud Service configurations will be removed if you save your Oracle API Gateway configurations.

Connect to Oracle API Gateway

You must create a connection to Oracle API Gateway before you can activate and deploy an integration from Oracle Integration.


  • The Oracle API Gateway must be in the same region in which your Oracle Integration instance is deployed.
  • You can only connect to Oracle API Gateway in Oracle Integration Generation 2.
  1. In the left navigation pane, click Home > Settings > Integrations > API Management.
  2. Click API Gateway.
  3. Configure a connection to the Oracle API Gateway. To complete configuration, you must generate an API signing key. See How to Generate an API Signing Key.

    The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure connection must have permissions to deploy to Oracle API Gateway in the necessary compartments as described in the Oracle API Gateway documentation.

    Element Description
    Tenancy OCID Specify the value you copied from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
    User OCID Specify the value you copied from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
    Finger Print Enter the finger print that was generated when you created the key in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
    Private Key Click Upload link to upload the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure signature V1 or API key details.
    Pass Phrase Enter the pass phrase you created when creating the key.
  4. Click Save.

Activate and Deploy an Integration to Oracle API Gateway

You must activate and deploy your integration to Oracle API Gateway. After completing that action, you can invoke the integration.

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Home > Integrations > Integrations.
  2. Go to the row of the integration to activate and deploy to Oracle API Gateway. Only REST Adapter triggered-based integrations can be deployed.
  3. Click the Activate icon icon to activate the integration.
    The Activate Integration page is displayed on the right side. If Oracle API Gateway is configured, the Activate and Deploy button is shown.
    The Activate Integration page shows the Deploy field (which indicates this integration can be deployed to Oracle API Gateway), Oracle Recommends checkbox, Enable Asserter Recording checkbox, and Enable Tracing checkbox. In the right corner are the Cancel, Activate, and Activate and Deploy buttons.


    • If you deactivate an integration you previously activated and deployed to Oracle API Gateway, the Activate and Deploy button is not visible. You can only activate the integration.
    • If you delete an integration deployment to Oracle API Gateway in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, you can create another deployment in Oracle Integration.
  4. Click Activate and Deploy.

    After activation completes, the Deploy to API Gateway page opens on the right side.

    The Deploy to API Gateway page shows the Compartment, Gateway, Name, and Path Prefix fields.

  5. Enter the following values:
    Element Description
    Compartment Select the compartment created in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console that includes Oracle API Gateway.

    Note: This list shows a restricted number of compartments in alphabetical order (approximately 100). If your compartment is not listed, then rename it to begin with a letter higher in the alphabet. This action moves the compartment higher in the list.

    Gateway Select the Oracle API Gateway created in that compartment.
    Name Shows the automatically populated display name of the deployment.
    Path Prefix Shows the automatically populated path prefix of the deployment.
  6. Click Deploy.
    Once complete, the new deployment is created and visible under the specified gateway in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.

  7. Return to the Integrations page in Oracle Integration.
  8. From the Actions menu menu for the integration, select API Management to see details about the integration deployment.
  9. Go to the gateway to which you deployed your integration in the API Gateway section in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  10. Copy the URL from the Endpoint section under Deployment Details.

    The Compartment, Endpoint, and Updated fields are shown top to bottom.

  11. Invoke the deployed integration with the URL (for example, from a browser).
  12. Enter your Oracle Integration username and password if prompted.

    The integration is invoked and an instance is created.

  13. Go to the Track Instances page in Oracle Integration to view message details.
    If you deactivate an integration, any API deployment associated with the integration endpoint is retained in Oracle API Gateway.