Trigger Outbound Messaging Page

Select the trigger outbound messaging WSDL to use with the Salesforce Adapter.

You must have already created this WSDL. This process consists of several steps. See Create the Salesforce Adapter Outbound Messaging WSDL.

Element Description

Select the Outbound Messaging WSDL

Select the invoke Salesforce outbound messaging WSDL to receive outbound message notifications from the Salesforce application.

Note: You must first create a workflow rule and generate an outbound messaging WSDL. Outbound messaging WSDLs associated with approval processes or entitlement processes are also supported and consumed by the adapter.

  1. Browse for and select the invoke Salesforce outbound messaging WSDL

  2. Activate the integration and copy the endpoint URL from the integration information icon.

  3. Go to the Outbound Messaging section at and replace the dummy URL you previously entered with the real endpoint URL.