Define Milestones

Milestones are a key abstraction in an Integration Insight model. They are points in a business process that represent progress and map to at least one action in the business process implementation.

A Business User/Analyst defines milestones, in collaboration with an Integration Architect who maps the milestones to actions in the business process implementation.

To define milestones:

  1. In the Oracle Integration navigation pane, click Insight.
  2. In the Insight navigation pane, click Models.
  3. On the Models page, locate the model for which you want to define a milestone. If the model is not in Draft status, hover your cursor over the model and clickActions icon then select Create Draft to create a draft version of the model.
  4. Click the name or Edit icon icon of the draft model for which you want to define a milestone.

    The model designer is displayed.

    Model Editor showing model milestones page

  5. On the Milestones page:
    • Enter a name and description for the Initial and Terminal milestones if they do not already exist.
    • Click Add a Milestone to define additional milestones for the model.
    • For each new milestone, enter a milestone name and description, and select the milestone type.
  6. (Optional) To delete a milestone, click Milestone actions next to the milestone name, and select Delete.
  7. Click Save.
The milestone is created for the model.

Notice that pending tasks are shown under Messages in the right pane. Click the link in each message to perform the necessary task.
Model designer messages

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