Create a Model

An Integration Insight model provides a grammar for describing the milestones of a business process that are key for tracking business performance.

Insight Administrators, Business Users/Analysts, and Integration Architects can create and edit models.

To create a model:

  1. On the Models page, click Create.
  2. In the Create Model dialog, enter a name and description for the new model, then click Create.

    The Model Editor opens with the new model in Draft state. The new model includes two milestones: the first milestone is an Initial milestone and the last milestone is a Terminal milestone. These preseeded milestones are mandatory and cannot be removed from the model. You will add milestones between these two default milestones.

    Model Editor showing model milestones page for a new model with no milestones defined

  3. In the Model Editor, complete the following tasks:
    • Click the arrow next to the model’s icon, then choose an image to represent it.
    • Click the Name & Description tab, then enter a Single Instance Label and Multiple Instance Label that represent singular and plural terms, respectively, for model-specifc instances that are understandable by Business Executives, such as "Order" and "Orders".
    • Define milestones in the model that you will map to points in the business process implementation. See Define Milestones.
    • Define a unique instance identifier for the model. See Define a Unique Instance Identifier.
    • Define dimensions and measures for indicators. See Define Indicators.
  4. Click Save to save the model.

    A confirmation message appears. The model is created and is in Draft state.