Add Decisions to Applications and Processes

After creating and activating a decision snapshot, you can add it to your application for use within processes.

To add a decision connector to an application:

  1. In the Application Home tab, click Decisions.

  2. Click Create and select Use Decision Model.

  3. In the resulting dialog box, select an activated decision snapshot, enter a name for the connector, and click Use.

    A decision connector is now created. You can use this connector in all processes within the application after performing the required data associations.

  4. Optionally, click the connector to view a read-only version of the decision snapshot from within the application.

  5. Click Edit to open the latest version of the decision model for editing.

    Note that the latest version of the model may differ from the version you’ve used in your connector. To use the latest version after your edits, activate the model again and update your connector. See Update Decision Connectors.


  • Within any space, you can create only one connector per decision model. If you want to use a different version of a particular decision in your application, click the Update definition link of the corresponding connector and select the required snapshot.

  • If the decision snapshot used by a connector is deactivated, the connector displays an error indicating that the decision model is inactive. Click the Reconnect to model link on the connector to re-associate it with an active decision snapshot. The same error is also displayed when the decision model associated with the connector is deleted.

To use a decision connector in a process within an application:

  1. On the Process Editor’s elements palette, expand the System elements.

  2. Drag and drop a Decision flow element into the process.

  3. Implement the Decision element:
    1. Click the element and select Open Properties, General.

    2. Select a decision connector from the Decision Model list. All the connectors that you have created within the application are listed here.


      You can also use a decision snapshot for which you have not created a connector previously. Click Add Add icon next to the Decision Model field to display a list of activated decision models. Select a decision from the list, enter a name for it, and click Use. When you add a decision model to a process in this way, a corresponding decision connector is automatically created in the Decisions tab of the Application Home page.
    3. Select a decision service to use from the list of services defined for the selected decision model. Process creates all the metadata definitions such as importing the required types and defining the connector to the service.

  4. Click Save Save icon to save your changes.