Save and Publish Changes to an Application

You can save changes to your application as you’re editing application components. You must switch to Edit mode to make changes.

To save changes to your application, click Save at any time. All unsaved changes for each application component are saved. You can continue to make changes to the application as necessary. If you’re working in a shared application, then the application remains locked and you can continue to edit it.

To make your changes available to other participants, click Publish . Published changes are recorded in the Recent Activity pane on the Application Home tab.

To close an application, click Close.

If you’re sharing an application, then a dialog box prompts for how to handle the current lock on the application. To make the application available for other users to edit, be sure to select the Release Lock check box.


If the application hasn’t been published before you save and release, then it asks for whether you want to publish. If you don’t publish before you release, your changes are lost.

While editing application components, you can revert your changes and return to the most recently published version of an application.

To do this, from the Main menu, select Discard, and then click OK.


You can’t recover changes that you discard.