Create a Decision Model from a Sample

Use a sample decision model from the gallery and create a copy of it.

You can quickly create a decision model from an available sample to learn more about decision modeling or use the sample model as a starting point for your business use case and modify it to suit your needs.

To create a decision model from a sample:
  1. On the Oracle Integration navigation pane, click Processes, and then click Decision Models.
  2. Click Create, select Start with a Sample, and click Browse.
    The decision model gallery page appears with a set of Oracle-provided samples.
  3. Select a sample from the gallery, click More to view a pictorial representation of the model and additional details, and then click Create.
  4. Enter information into the Create Decision Model dialog. Here are a few things to note:
    Field Description
    Name and Description

    Make sure the decision model name and description are useful. Give the user a good idea of what the decision model is all about and why they might want to use it. Good names and descriptions help users distinguish decision models with a similar title or purpose. Also, you can’t change the name after the decision model is created.


    Select the space where the new decision model will be stored. To create a new space, select New Space from the drop-down list.

    Open Immediately

    Most of the time you’ll want to leave the Open Immediately check box selected so you can start configuring and testing your decision model right away.

    Deselecting the check box is good if you want to create placeholders for several decision models at once and modify them at a later time.

  5. Click Create.

    The copy of the sample is created and the decision model editor opens for you to edit or explore the model.

    To edit or delete existing decision models, see Edit or Delete a Decision Model.

See Promote Decision Models as Samples to the Gallery to make more models available as samples in the gallery.