Localize Processes

You can localize process elements and make them adaptable to a selected locale.

To localize processes:
  1. Create a process, as shown here.
  2. On the Application Home tab, select the language you want to use from the language options drop-down list.

    Return to the process editor page. You’ll see that the labels, description, and documentation fields still display in the default language of English.

  3. Edit and save the labels and descriptions to ensure that the strings are associated with the selected locale.

    For example, after setting the application language to Italian, two process event labels were added and saved, as shown here.

    Description of process-localized.png follows
    Description of the illustration process-localized.png

    After saving, you can close the process, return to the Application Home tab, and reset the language to English. If you reopen the process, the labels are displayed in English.

  4. Toggle between the two languages to view the localized process events in the language you select from the Application Home tab.