Enable or Disable Backups

You can enable or disable backups for an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance.

Backups are enabled on a service instance if you set the Backup Destination to a value other than None when you created the service instance. To configure backups for an existing service instance, see Add a Backup Configuration to an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance.

If backups are disabled for a service instance:

  • Scheduled backups do not run.
  • You cannot create an on-demand backup.
  • You cannot restore an instance from a backup.
  • Automated backups do not run prior to other maintenance operations, such as patching.

Backups that were previously created are not affected when backups are disabled.

Java Cloud Service automatically disables backups after consecutive failures occur with scheduled backups. When you enable backups, also update the backup configuration and correct the cause of the failures, such as an incorrect password.

  1. Access your service console.
  2. Click the name of the service instance for which you want to control backups.
  3. On the Overview page, click the Administration tile.
  4. Click the Backup tab.

    If Java Cloud Service automatically disabled backups after consecutive failures, you can identify the cause of the failures from this page.

  5. Click Manage backups for this instance Menu icon, and then select Enable Backups or Disable Backups.
  6. When prompted, confirm that you want to enable or disable backups.