Typical Workflow for Patching an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance

Consider the typical workflow for patching an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance, as described in the following table.

Task Description More Information

Learn about approved patches

View approved patches displayed on the Patching page periodically.

View Patch Details

Perform optional prechecks

Learn about problems that would cause patching to fail, so you can address those problems before you try to apply a patch.

Perform Patch Prechecks and Address Patching Issues

Apply a patch

Initiate a patching operation to update the service instance’s WebLogic servers, JDKs, or load balancer with minimal impact on the service availability.

When Oracle Coherence is enabled for a service instance: By default, the patching operation checks that the StatusHA state for a Coherence member is NODE-SAFE before shutting down the node to apply the patch. You may choose to override the default behavior.

About Patching and Rollback

Apply a Patch

Roll back a patch

Initiate a rollback operation to return a service to its previous patch level.

Roll Back a Patch