Install a Gateway Using Reinstall Option

This section discusses installing a gateway using the REINSTALL parameter from the response file.

Install a Gateway Using Reinstall Option

You can use the REINSTALL parameter to reinstall a gateway that has been deleted manually from a host or it was running on a host which was decommissioned or it had a hardware failure. It is very useful in environments where hosts are being provisioned and reprovisioned on demand.

The reinstall option works in the following case:

  • The gateway was not deleted from OMC before the host went down and it is still registered/listed in OMC.

  • The old and new hosts must have the same OS type and same host name.

    Different OS types/versions or different host names are not supported.

The gateway must be reinstalled from a stage (ZIP file) of the same version as the gateway registered/listed in OMC. For example, if the gateway from the old host had a gateway with agent version 1.39 installed on it, then you must perform the reinstallation using the same agent software version, in this case version 1.39. Also, the values for the parameters: AGENT_PORT and AGENT_BASE_DIRECTORY need to be the same in both the old and new hosts.

Before proceeding, be sure to:

To perform the gateway installation using the reinstall option:

  1. Log on to the host where you will install the gateway and navigate to the directory where you extracted the gateway ZIP file that you previously downloaded. See Download the Oracle Management Cloud Agent Software for more details.

  2. Have your response file ready. Ensure that you have entered the values for the mandatory parameters: TENANT_NAME, OMC_URL and AGENT_REGISTRATION_KEY in the response file (gateway.rsp).

    Confirm that the values for the parameters: AGENT_BASE_DIRECTORY and AGENT_PORT are the same as the old host.

    Edit the optional parameter REINSTALL and enter the value: true.


    Based on your requirement, edit any additional parameters if the default values are not in line with your best practices. See Parameters for Installing a Gateway for more details.

  3. Run the AgentInstall agent installation script to install a gateway.

    • If you are installing a gateway on a UNIX-based host:


    • If you are installing a gateway on a Windows host, right-click and select Run as administrator to open an Administrator command prompt and run the following:


Your gateway installation using reinstall option is now complete. The gateway you just installed will attach to the old gateway you have in OMC and inherit its historical data. Next step is to Verify the Gateway Installation.