Word Cloud Visualization

You can use word cloud in Oracle Log Analytics to view log records grouped by the strings that represent the selected fields.

  1. Search for logs for a set of entities. See Search Logs by Entities.
  2. From the Visualize panel, select Word Cloud (open word cloud).
  3. From the Pinned section of the Fields panel, drag and drop Log Source to the Group by section of the Visualize panel.
  4. From the Other section of the Fields panel, drag and drop Error ID to the Color section of the Visualize panel.
    This displays the log records in the form of a word cloud grouped by log sources. The log sources are represented in different colors to indicate the Error ID reported in the records.

  5. To view the word cloud using only the log records that reported error, in the Visualize panel, select Show Problem Logs Only check box.
    Now, the word cloud changes to display only the problem logs.

    Hover the cursor on a string to get more details about the group that the string represents.

Click the string to view the further analysis of the group of log records displayed as the records with histogram visualization.