Add Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDOMS)

You can add Oracle VM Server entities using the Add Entity UI or using the cloud agent command line interface (omcli) with the appropriate JSON files.

Step 1: Prepare Oracle VM Server for monitoring.

  • Prerequisites: OMC Cloud Agent is deployed on the LDoms Control Domain

  • Discovery does not require any user credentials but you need to grant solaris ldoms read RBAC privileges to the OMC Cloud Agent user:
    /usr/sbin/usermod -A oracle
  • Discovery properties:

    • The following command retrieves the LDoms Control Domain UUID to be supplied at discovery time through entity identifying property omc_virtual_platform_id using virtinfo:
      # virtinfo -ap | grep DOMAINUUID
  • Autodiscovery of LDoms-related entities:

    • Use a JSON file with details to discover the Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms). Using this method, all Logical Domains (Virtual Machines) are automatically discovered and updated periodically when things change in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms) deployment.

Step 2: Add the Oracle VM Server using omcli and the Appropriate JSON Files

  1. Download and extract the required JSON file(s) from the master JSON zip file. See the table below for the specific JSON files you'll need.
  2. Edit the file(s) and specify the requisite properties shown below.
    Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms) JSON Files and Properties

    Definition File: omc_sparc_ldoms_sample.json

    • omc_virtual_platform_id: LDoms Control Domain UUID
    • omc_virtual_type: LDoms
    • omc_dispatch_url: local://localhost
  3. Add the entity using omcli.
    omcli add_entity agent DEFINITION_FILE [-credential_file CREDENTIAL_FILE [-encryption_method_gpg]] 
  4. Verify the status of the newly added entity.
    omcli status_entity agent DEFINITION_FILE

See step 4. Adding Entities to Your Service of Add Entities Using JSON Files for more information.

Step 3: (Optional but recommended) Set up alerts.

To enable lights-out monitoring, you can set up alert rules to generate alerts and send notifications if your entities have performance issues.

See Set Up Alert Rules and Set Up Alert Thresholds and Notifications.


If you run into any issues regarding discovery or monitoring of Oracle VM Server, see the following: