5 Expand Monitoring Capability with Custom Metrics

Custom metrics allow you to create full-fledged metrics on any entity type that is monitored by a cloud agent. Custom metrics let you extend Oracle Management Cloud monitoring capabilities to monitor conditions specific to your IT environment. This provides you with a comprehensive view of your environment.

Creating custom metrics lets you simplify your IT organization's operational processes by leveraging Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring as the single central monitoring tool for your entire cloud environment instead of relying on other monitoring tools to provide this supplementary monitoring.

For instructions on obtaining and using REST APIs for Oracle Management Cloud Agent-based Custom Metrics, see Oracle Management Cloud: Use Agent-Based Custom Metrics REST APIs (Doc ID 2723626.1).


Custom metrics are not applicable to entities harvested from Enterprise Manager Cloud Control by the data collector.


Important: You can only create custom metrics for entity types that are monitored by cloud agents version 1.32 and greater.

You manage custom metrics from the Custom Metrics page. This page lists all existing custom metrics in addition to allowing you to create, edit, test, publish, and deploy custom metrics.

The cornerstone of the custom metric is the adapter. Adapters provide a means to gather data about agent-monitored entities using specific protocols. Adapter availability depends on the entity type your custom metric monitors. For a list of available adapters and adapter-related reference information, see Custom Metric Collection Methods and Metric Columns.