4 The Sample Bots

To get you familiar with the Bot Builder and some of the techniques used to create dialog flows, intents, and entities, we’ve provided you with some sample bots. You can use them as references as you build your own. You can access these bots from the landing page (accessed by clicking Development > Bots in the left navbar).

Bot Description
PizzaBot Shows you the basics of bot building through a simple dialog flow.
PizzaBotWithMemory A step up from the PizzaBot in that it demonstrates how to store user information from prior visits.
CrcPizzaBot Another version of the PizzaBot, but this one shows you how you can incorporate scrolling menus and quick action buttons without having to write a backend service. It’s all in the configuration.
Another retail bot, but unlike the either of the PizzaBots, this bot shows you how to create a sophisticated dialog that maintains the user state across different transitions. This bot shows you how to integrate with instant apps and a Q&A module:
  • Instant apps—The FinancialQnABot collects user input in two ways: through natural, free-flowing conversation and, when it needs to collect structured data, through forms and radio buttons. To do this, the bot calls a wizard-like app called an instant app. The bot passes values to the instant app, which opens in a webview. The instant app, which is populated with these values, guides the user through a series of pages. When the user completes the instant app, it seamlessly returns the user to the bot and passes the values that it collected from the user.

  • Q&A—The bot is equipped with a Q&A module that delivers FAQs depending on how the the user input gets resolved.